Current Trail Status = ALL CLOSED


Between 5&20 and County Road 18.  DO NOT RIDE THIS AREA – Charges will be filed.  6 years to get this trail completed and total disreguad to owners land has lost this section.  Cameras are up and you will be charged for trespassing.


Updated 3/2/19 @ 11:00am

Please watch for hazards due to recent high winds.  You may find downed trees, branches or other debris.

Whether trails are open or closed please respect the landowners that allow use of their property free of charge for all of us to enjoy.


Trail maintenance concerns:

State Route 21 (Littleville) West to State Route 332 (Canandaigua)
Lynn Fish
Tim Welch
Luke Fish

Taylor Road (Littleville) South to State Route 5 & 20 (Hopewell)
Chris Livermore
Don Donk
Rich Hoiles

Red Jacket Central School (Manchester) South to State Route 21 (Littleville)
Matt Schaertl

Red Jacket Central School (Manchester) North to State Route 96 (Farmington)
Carl Napoleon

State Route 31 (Port Gibson) South to Reedland Farms
Marty Gilmore

Reedland Farms South to State Route 96 (Brothers)
Roger Spafford

State Route 96 (Eversons) South to Lovers Lane
Mike Kunes

State Route 5 & 20 (Hopewell) South to West Swamp Road (Gorham)
Jeff North
Joseph Gray