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Sleds of Stafford

The Sleds of Stafford Snowmobile Club is a local organization run by members to help the snowmobile community. The goal of the club is to provide education for our members, and provide a trail system that is safe, legal and fun for all that ride on it.


To foster, along with perpetuate, good fellowship and sportsmanship by promoting safe and legal use of snowmobiles.

Hill and Valley Riders

Hill and Valley Riders is a snowmobile club located in Honeoye, New York. There are 45 to 50 miles of trails and approximately 160 members.

Finger Lakes Snowmobile Club

The Finger Lakes Snowmobile Club is a non-profit organization located in the Canandaigua area of the Finger Lakes region in New York State


NYSSA seeks to preserve and improve snowmobiling in New York State. NYSSA works toward improving trails, facilities and services for participants, and defends snowmobilers against discriminatory legislation.