2/24/21 12:00am TRAILS CLOSED

Due to the warming weather we CAN NOT risk damage to our landowners property. Winter crops are particularly at risk.

Please respect our decision to close the trails and respect our landowners property.

This year has been a good run, if we get another storm maybe we will be able to get them reopened.

Thank you for all of your support.

Please be sure to thank those that worked hard this year maintaining our trail systems throughout the County and State.

From our neighbors, Hill & Valley Riders


Just need to remind everyone of the upcoming meeting at the gun club in person on 2/18/21, 7:00 PM.

Late night riding is causing issues again in Honeoye.  2:00 am late night riding and one at 4:00 am.  This has upset a lady that her property and house is right near the trail.  She suffers from insomnia and has had some personal issues that add to the non-sleep.  We need to be conscious of this when out riding and abide by the riding curfews set by town governments in Canadice, Naples and Ricmond Townships, for we don’t know who is wakened from our sport and by inconsiderate snowmobilers. Snowmobiling is a privilege not a right.  So, think about it when you’re out riding and its getting late.  The trails can be lost and as president, I’m really sick of dealing with the issues of some inconsiderate snowmobilers that just don’t care.  Loud pipes, late riding beyond curfew hours.  Be part of the solution and not part of the problem.

Another issue are people inability to stay within the marked trails.  Posts in fields and cutting around them.  Farmers are complaining and it will be a matter of time and these trails will be history.  I don’t know why people can’t obey the rules.

8:00 am-11:OO pm Sunday through Thursday

8:00 am-12 Midnight Friday and Saturday. 

The good news is more snow is coming.  A chance to start following the rules, stay between the stakes in fields and the NO Snowmobile Signs, ribbon and other signs.

See you at the meeting.  Spread the word!

Scott Wohlschlegel

Once again our Gorham trail is at risk. Please ride with care, respect the landowners or lose your right to ride.

Keep away from the school houses, churches and livestock pastures. If you are near any of these you are not on the trail.

If you are throttle happy and can’t control your thumb keep it home. There are plenty of areas to do the limit without getting on it from a stop.

We have the snow locally to ride, this doesn’t happen as much as we would like in our area. Let’s not shut them down any sooner than we need to.

If a trail does get shut down you will ultimately be trespassing if you continue to ride. All of our trails are very delicate, this area especially so as it took a lot of information sharing and discussion working with the church elders. If we lose a section we likely will not be able to work around it.

Keep your footprint light, respect our owners and ride safe.

Heading out after dark, find the groomer and post a picture to our Facebook page to get entered into a drawing for a free shirt/sweatshirt at our next club meeting. Three winners will be drawn. Ride them while we can! Winner must be present to win and select price. Pizza and Wings provided for dinner to all members who attend.

Finger Lakes Racino Trail

Finger lakes Racino has just notified us that snowmobiles are not allowed on their property. You can not park, unload, ride or visit via snowmobile. Anyone caught on the property will be charged with trespassing as per Management. Please pass this along, we don’t want any LVSR or NYSSA club members to get caught in an unknown situation. Watch for the workaround we are already working on.

On behalf of LVSR we would like to thank Nate and Tiffany Roth for all of your help and dedication to the club. Tiffany is the clubs new Secretary this year and has been a tremendous help with social media. Nate has gone above and beyond helping anywhere he can when he sees something that needs attention. Thank you so much!!

2/1/21 Update

Received this morning 2/1/21

I have heard complaints about riding on the trail south of 5&20 riding in a hay field near 245 the land owner would like it stopped

This trail is closed. It was kept closed for a reason, and digging up winter wheat was the biggest reason, with limited cover throughout the area we knew this would happen.

Now, we have to deal with this as well. If you can not ride responsibly stay home. A property damage incident and the rider left the scene. Parts of your sled are scattered around the area and we will work with landowners to find out who caused this.

We have a limited volunteer crew that puts in a lot of time and effort to maintain, sign, get permissions and handle incidents like this. If you want trails to ride it should be done with utmost respect for this landowners that allow it. These types of incidents are how trails are lost. Without the club and the trails we work hard to obtain access to you would have nowhere to ride. Riding trails just because they are there doesn’t make it legal, it is trespassing.

C4 Trail Update Newark Area – please adhere to the posted 25 mph speed limit on the Erie Canal Path east and west bound from the Whitbeck Rd bridge in Newark to the Port Gibson Bridge. This re-route connects to our neighboring clubs in Ontario Cty to the south and is a major corridor for north bound travel . The Canal Path is multi- use so you may encounter pedestrians, please proceed with caution. Ride safe and Ride right – thanks everyone.