From our neighbors, Hill & Valley Riders


Just need to remind everyone of the upcoming meeting at the gun club in person on 2/18/21, 7:00 PM.

Late night riding is causing issues again in Honeoye.  2:00 am late night riding and one at 4:00 am.  This has upset a lady that her property and house is right near the trail.  She suffers from insomnia and has had some personal issues that add to the non-sleep.  We need to be conscious of this when out riding and abide by the riding curfews set by town governments in Canadice, Naples and Ricmond Townships, for we don’t know who is wakened from our sport and by inconsiderate snowmobilers. Snowmobiling is a privilege not a right.  So, think about it when you’re out riding and its getting late.  The trails can be lost and as president, I’m really sick of dealing with the issues of some inconsiderate snowmobilers that just don’t care.  Loud pipes, late riding beyond curfew hours.  Be part of the solution and not part of the problem.

Another issue are people inability to stay within the marked trails.  Posts in fields and cutting around them.  Farmers are complaining and it will be a matter of time and these trails will be history.  I don’t know why people can’t obey the rules.

8:00 am-11:OO pm Sunday through Thursday

8:00 am-12 Midnight Friday and Saturday. 

The good news is more snow is coming.  A chance to start following the rules, stay between the stakes in fields and the NO Snowmobile Signs, ribbon and other signs.

See you at the meeting.  Spread the word!

Scott Wohlschlegel

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