2/1/21 Update

Received this morning 2/1/21

I have heard complaints about riding on the trail south of 5&20 riding in a hay field near 245 the land owner would like it stopped

This trail is closed. It was kept closed for a reason, and digging up winter wheat was the biggest reason, with limited cover throughout the area we knew this would happen.

Now, we have to deal with this as well. If you can not ride responsibly stay home. A property damage incident and the rider left the scene. Parts of your sled are scattered around the area and we will work with landowners to find out who caused this.

We have a limited volunteer crew that puts in a lot of time and effort to maintain, sign, get permissions and handle incidents like this. If you want trails to ride it should be done with utmost respect for this landowners that allow it. These types of incidents are how trails are lost. Without the club and the trails we work hard to obtain access to you would have nowhere to ride. Riding trails just because they are there doesn’t make it legal, it is trespassing.

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