Once again our Gorham trail is at risk. Please ride with care, respect the landowners or lose your right to ride.

Keep away from the school houses, churches and livestock pastures. If you are near any of these you are not on the trail.

If you are throttle happy and can’t control your thumb keep it home. There are plenty of areas to do the limit without getting on it from a stop.

We have the snow locally to ride, this doesn’t happen as much as we would like in our area. Let’s not shut them down any sooner than we need to.

If a trail does get shut down you will ultimately be trespassing if you continue to ride. All of our trails are very delicate, this area especially so as it took a lot of information sharing and discussion working with the church elders. If we lose a section we likely will not be able to work around it.

Keep your footprint light, respect our owners and ride safe.

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